CPM Recent Research Studies

The Results

  • —  Significantly better knee function (Knee Society Score ‘excellent’) at all post-op investigation points with the ‘Physio with CPM’ group.
  • —  The ‘Physio with CPM’ group achieved significantly better outcomes in daily activities score (Oxford ‘satisfactory joint function’) at all post-op investigation points.
  • —  The mean KSS score for the ‘Physio with CPM’ group was better at 6 weeks than the mean score at 52 weeks for the ‘Physio Only’ group.
  • —  The scores at each measurement point with the ‘Physio with CPM’ group were considerably more consistent, with a significantly smaller range when compared to the ‘Physio Only’ group.
  • —  The lowest recorded Oxford Knee Score for the ‘Physio with CPM’ group at 52 weeks was higher than the average score for the ‘Physio Only’ group.


Dr. Volker Sauer

the clinical study

Dr Volker Sauer produced the following study to compare regular post-op rehabilitation to physiotherapy with CPM. The study involved 76 patients, 37 of whom used CPM in their rehabilitation.

Prior to operation there were no significant differences between both groups with regards to Knee Society Score (KSS) and Oxford Score as well as the range of motion in flexion.

The evaluation points of the study were: prior to operation, 6, 12 and 52 weeks post operation.


Physiotherapy (P.T.) only rehabilitation group

  • —  Usual standard treatment for Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA)
  • —  3 weeks rehabilitation following quality standards of DRV, i.e. German Public Retirement Insurance
  • —  8hrs per week physiotherapy, spread over 5 days (1.5 – 2hrs daily)
  • —  4hrs additional physiotherapy over 3 weeks
  • —  1.5hrs daily activity training over 3 weeks
  • —  No CPM usedPhysiotherapy (P.T.) plus C.P.M rehabilitation group
  • —  8 hours per week physiotherapy, for the first 3 weeks,5 days per week (1.5 – 2hrs daily)
  • —  Daily use of CPM machine at home for 3 weeks,7 days per week, 2 hours per day
  • —  Measurement of patient compliance via CPM software