CPM’s Therapeutic Benefits

During the past 3 decades, continuous passive motion (CPM) devices have become a generally accepted part of postsurgical treatment to promote healing and regeneration of joint cartilage. In 1970, Robert B. Salter, MD, PhD, a Toronto orthopedic surgeon, along with a succession of research fellows, first investigated the biological effects of CPM on healing and […]

CPM for Rehab After Surgery

CPM is an abbreviation for continuous passive motion. A CPM device is a machine that is used to move a joint without the patient having to exert any effort. A CPM machine is most commonly used on the knee joint, although there are CPM machines made for other joints as well. The CPM has a […]

CPM Recent Research Studies

The Results —  Significantly better knee function (Knee Society Score ‘excellent’) at all post-op investigation points with the ‘Physio with CPM’ group. —  The ‘Physio with CPM’ group achieved significantly better outcomes in daily activities score (Oxford ‘satisfactory joint function’) at all post-op investigation points. —  The mean KSS score for the ‘Physio with CPM’ […]

4 Technologies to Boost Recovery After Knee Surgery

Recovery after knee surgery has come a long way in past decades. In addition to new surgical techniques, new recovery technologies can help  you to return to normal activity more comfortably and as quickly as possible. While it’s not possible to completely avoid all pain, discomfort, and inconvenience, new technologies have made knee surgery recovery […]

Types of Knee Braces

1. Prophylactic (Knee Sleeve, Patellofemoral, Hinged) 2. Rehabilitative 3. Functional (Hinged, off-the-shelf, custom) 4. Unloader/Offloader (off-the-shelf, custom) A knee sleeve may be used to increase general warmth to the area, provide compression, and enhance balance. It is a soft fabric (neoprene), slip-on device generally used for knee pain. If used with a raised pad (either […]

Common Knee Injuries

Ligament Sprains: When a ligament is sprained in the knee, instability may occur. The amount of instability is governed by the degree of sprain, and which ligament is sprained. The unstable knee will often show signs of sharp pain with certain movements, a dull ache when stationary, giving way with walking, limited range of motion, […]

Crippling Knee Pain – What to do?

Crippling Knee Pain – What to do? Susan Locke, M.D., Healthnetwork Medical Director Knee pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints that bring people to their doctors. Pain can be acute (immediate) or chronic (long term). This article will give an overview of the causes, symptoms and treatment of acute knee pain. Fractures […]